7 Ways To Make Your Holiday In Jakarta Unforgettable

Jakarta has many places to visit to make your holiday unforgettable throughout your lifetime. The beauty of the hotels, the awesome beaches, historical monuments and the charming shopping will make your journey worth remembering.

The awesome scenery with the best bars:

Among so many other things to do in the beautiful city of Jakarta, that can be done in the nightlife. You can find the tremendous restaurants and fascinating bars all over the city. The amazing dining, the charming Skye bar and the Cloud Lounge are some of the places everyone would love to visit while on a trip to this amazing city.

The perfect beaches:

When you are on a trip for visiting some awesome sites of Jakarta, you would certainly not be getting bored of its charm, its attraction and countless places to visit. One can have a day trip to the beautiful Islands. These Islands are called PulauSeribu. When you visit this beautiful place, you will be amazed of the beautiful beaches available there. There are numerous beaches, therefor this place is called, the land of thousands Islands. The exploring of the coves and the inlets makes the trip even unforgettable. The flea market in the Menteng, which is famous for rich cultural arts and the crafts, you can also find the amazing textiles and the best street for serving foods. Try booking your amazing trip to Jakarta with best Yatra Coupons today.

The luxurious hotels:

Its hotels are famous for being calm and sense of peace would be felt if you ever visit such tranquil hotels. The entrance of the hotels will leave you speechless because of the great trafficking this city has outside the walls of the hotels. You will leave behind the bustling streets and the endless jams of traffic. It is believed that the most fascinate of hotels here is the Hermitage Hotel, probably the most famous hotel in whole of Jakarta. This hotel has a luxurious bar on its rooftop. The 2nd famous hotel here is The Raffles Jakarta. It is also very luxurious in its service to the visitors.

The historical Monas:

Monas has its historical background. This place is known as the icon of the city. The people of Indonesia consider this place as a struggle symbol of Indonesia.  The historical national museum can be found near around the Monas. There are many worth sighting famous Indonesian historical architectures in this museum. It is always better to take a picture near these places so that it can be a reminder of your visit forever.

The Dufan Park:

It is the biggest complex park located near the beach that has been mentioned earlier in the topic.  It is a complex amusement part. This park is known as DuniaFantasi or Dufan. Visiting this place near the beautiful and calm beaches would make your dream come true of visiting the real Jakarta. It would be never suggested to go there at the weekend because the area will be really populated because of its popularity.

The Istiqlal mosque and the Catholic Cathedra:

As an Islamic state, Indonesia has its religious Islamic spots. The largest of the mosque situated in here is that of the Istiqlal masjid. People all around the world visit this historical creation when they visit Jakarta. There are some other religious locations in this city. The Catholic Cathedral is also near the Istiqlal mosque. Both of the religious buildings are neo-historical style. Both of these buildings are famous for its amazement and the fascinating architecture. One can truly relate it with the TajMahal, which is located in India.

Go to the Malls:

If someone who loves going to the malls and is crazy for the shopping, then Jakarta is the place for them. The question is, “how many malls are there in Jakarta?” the simple answer to this will be, “Countless’. This sounds weird but Jakarta is full of malls of your interest. If you are tired of your trip to Jakarta, then on the last you surely should visit the Grand Indonesian Mall. You can buy the beautiful souvenirs for your beloved ones while going back to your home. You can find them in cheap and decent prices, but they are worth keeping for a long period of time to be shown to your friends for the remembrance of tripping to Jakarta. You can find countless material of your choice in the Alun-Alun, one of the shops located in the famous Jakarta shopping mall.

We hope for your best trip to the beautiful city of Jakarta. Best of luck!

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